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Online Team

Bridges for Women Online is intended to create a safe, creative, informative, and productive virtual classroom for women with a history of abuse and trauma who are ready to make positive changes in their lives. Bridges for Women online activities, discussions, assignments and ideas in our online courses are intended to help learners move toward improving their employability, the quality of their lives and involvement in their communities.

We offer online courses to focus on development of sustainable, long-term career goals for each individual, offering "distance learning" tailored to the needs of women. Our curriculum is also individualized in many ways in order to suit the goals, interests and skills of each woman online.

Our instructors share an understanding that the ability of participants to make change requires a safe environment, access to opportunities and professional resources for growth & development. Bridges for Women online Instructors bring both personal qualities instrumental in creating safety & trust as well as providing learning opportunities and challenges through instruction which reflect adult learning, experiential education, feminist & person-centered principles.